International Presence

Miracle Hair Expert (MHE) is an organized team of hair care and hair treatment experts & specialists, standing strong in Malaysia for 10 years. With business network presence in so many countries, you’re assured that MHE is really into hair, and we are serious in our product quality. It’s amazing how much information science has told us about the complex structure of a tiny hair strand. We take a step forward to help you understand the unique attention needed by your hair and scalp, at the same time providing you personalized hair care & hair treatment service.

MHE is dedicated in research efforts upon the trichology discovery, as well as discovery and development of innovative and natural treatments. Believing in product safety being the highest priority, our scientists are formulating MHE hair tonics from natural herb extracts.

Strong Hair Care Expert Team

We have the strong & well trained professional team of Hair Care Experts, armed with the proficiency and expertise on the latest technology is fully qualified to achieve the high standards in administering treatments as well as serving our customers for achieving the result in solving the hair problems as main purpose.

Customer Satisfaction

At MHE, according to our personalized and solution oriented approach, we believe that each customer is unique in terms of lifestyle, body condition and problems they face. Thus, we provide each individual with a unique, result driven and scientifically proven solution.

Result within weeks

80% of our customers have experienced incredible results, regrowing their hair back thicker and stronger within weeks.

Awards Recognition & Achievements

MHE treatments’ efficacy in reversing hair loss has won worldwide recognition along with different International Awards

Natural Herb Treatment Suitable for All

Our ingredients are made from quality herbal extracts without any harmful chemical, side effects or allergic reactions. Specified formula which is tested and developed in Japan is suitable for both men and women of all hair types and helps to nourish your hair and optimize the growth conditions of your scalp.

Free Hair Analysis & Consultation

You can expect this to take just 15-30 minutes, our consultants will analyze your hair and scalp condition as well as by taking a deeper look into your lifestyle habits and genetic predispositions, we can classify the state of your hair loss and advise you on the best treatment.

Our Vision

To be the Asia leading professional beauty and personal care solution specialist.

Our Mission

We provide exclusive and effective personal care solution to improve customer’s confidence.

Our Core Value

  • Positive Belief
  • Be Gratitude
  • Teamwork Spirit
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Sincerity in Caring