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Dry Scalp Problem

What causes dry scalp?

Did you know that in dry scalp, the skin gets irritated and flakes off. You will get dry scalp when it gets too little moisture.

  • Scalp Tightness
  • Enzema

Recommended Solutions

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Treatment delivers 98% pure oxygen to the deepest layer of hair root to enhance blood circulation, activating the cell metabolism, leading to a healthy scalp. Activate the cells, slow down the aging of cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism, tighten the scalp, heal hair sores, balance the oil secretion and improve sensitive scalp.

Intensive Scalp Mask Therapy

Intensive Scalp Mask is formulated with a natural, clarifying base which gently repairs and provides irritated and sensitive scalps with fast-acting relief. It reduces heat and soothes the scalp. Both hair and scalp are protected with each treatment, leading the way to healthy, beautiful hair.

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