Dandruff Problem

What causes dandruff?
Wen the skin cells on our scalp are renewed, the old ones are pushed to the surface and out of the scalp. For a person with dandruff the renewal is faster, meaning more dead skin is shed, making the dandruff more noticeable. 

– Excessive use of hair sprays and gels
– Infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair. 

Recommended Solutions

Dan Peel Therapy
Dan-Peel Treatment rapidly and effectively eliminate even the most persistent dandruff. To maintain scalp dandruff free, this treatment uses exfoliating gel which helps to remove dead skin, remove excessive oil and control oil secretion. Used over time, this helps to normalize scalp cell turnover, preventing dandruff formulation and eliminating it when present.


Scalp Hydrating Serum
Scalp Hydrating Serum, specially formulated to help revitalizing and conditioning the dry and oily scalp. It restores scalp imbalance, relieves irritation and revitalizes hair. This lightweight but concentrated formula with Hydroxyethyl Urea, Glycerin and Pro-Vitamin B5 deeply soothes and provides instant moisture to the scalp. You can feel the scalp fresh, smooth and rehydrated after application.


Scalp Mask Therapy
This therapy helps repair scalp and sensitive scalp, reduce heat, soften and dandruff peeling, firming.


Intensive Scalp Cleansing Therapy
We expose to hot weather and dust everyday. These external factors may cause deposition of excessive oil and impurities on our scalp. Intensive Scalp Cleansing (ISC) Therapy able to provide a quick and instant deep cleansing result.  It is effective in refreshes and rejuvenate scalp by removes excess oil, impurities and dandruff from scalp.

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